F o c u X O S


FocuX OS is a creative & trusted IT services organisation!

Experienced Experts

Our senior management have over 30 years experience leading global teams of technical and operational staff. With onsite project management, software development and testing. Past projects between them have covered USA, EU, South Africa, Russia etc.

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Flexible Forecasting

We know what it means to be flexible! Our business model is based on creating programmes of support and development/hosting tailored to your individual strategy. We can scale up and down as needs change, but our commitment to you doesn’t change. We have a range of staff on permanent, fixed or hourly contracts – creating the right blend to meet unexpected changes.

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Distinctly Different

If we have been taught one thing through our past experiences working in the Top 3 accounting firms in the UK and software industry leaders the last 20 years, that is service excellence. At the core of our passion, drive and growth plans are building the organisation with solid foundations. That is served through a simple ‘value-add’ mentality…it’s the reason why, we at every engagement, we start off asking, what value can I bring.

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Why FocuX OS? Well , we are in a crowded market, that’s why its important to stand out!

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